Most Useful Hacks to cut on Electricity Bills at Home
Most Useful Hacks to cut on Electricity Bills at Home

We all want to save money and use electricity effectively and efficiently. But with this uber lifestyle, filled with so many heavy gage appliances it seems a little tough a job. For now let’s take some baby steps to do our part for Mother Nature and reduce the carbon footprint. Here are some quick hacks to make your bills light –


Regulate temperature when washing clothes

If you use the right wash program according to the type of clothes being washed, not only will it help save on your electricity bills but will also increase the life of your clothes. You must refer to the product manual for the most effective outcome from the machine.

  • Filling your machine drum with clothes to the brim isn’t good for the clothes or the machine. Always leave a little space to allow the clothes to move and get clean properly.
  • It is always advisable to use the recommended amount of detergent for washing clothes. And with Whirlpool washing machines, we make this job much easier for you as the amount of detergent to be used is displayed on the LED screen. Check out this video to see how simple it is to operate the Whirlpool 360 Bloomwash washing machine



  • Wash your whites separately to avoid any discoloration.
  • Use warm or cold for water the washing instead of hot water unless clothes have extreme greasy stains. For rinsing, use cold water only.
  • Ensure that the washing machine is turned off properly once the washing has been finished. If you find any light still on, then that means the machine is still using electricity.

Use washing machine dryers the smart way (For Semi Automatic WM users)

  • Before you dry the clothes with the help of a dryer, shake the clothes well. This helps remove excess water and dries the clothes faster.
  • Over-drying can destroy the fabric and shrink the clothes – washing machines with auto timers can help you avoid this.








Rearrange your groceries to save energy

You can cut down on energy consumption and get better results from your fridge, simply by changing the way you store your groceries. Arrange the items in their optimum temperature zone so that your vegetables stay fresh for longer and retain its nutrients too.

  • Vegetables such as asparagus, beans, onions, potatoes, etc. don’t always need to be stored in the fridge.
  • Proper stocking of the freezer helps with energy conservation as it keeps the space chilled longer.
  • An overstuffed fridge doesn’t cool efficiently because overstuffing hampers the proper movement of cold air, making the compressor work overtime which in turn leads to more energy consumption.
  • Thermostats in the fridge should be adjusted as per the season to get the most optimum cooling.




  • Never place hot or warm items directly in the fridge. They heat up the circulating cold air, taking up the over-all temperature of the refrigerator.


Energy-efficient cooking and eating

Even though Ovens consume a lot of energy – one can use them to cook smart and save time and money.

  • The most efficient way to cook in an oven is by using glass or ceramic utensils as they absorb the heat, transferring it to the food more efficiently, therefore cutting down on cooking time.




  • It’s always smarter to defrost the food by putting them in a plastic bag and leaving them in a bowl of hot water for a while. This causes the food to defrost without losing moisture.
  • While cooking, avoid opening the oven’s door as this lets the heat escape. Invest in an oven with a glass door like these, and check the preparation from outside.




If you have a veranda, an open terrace or garden in your home, find a spot with some shade for the window air-conditioner. This helps in keeping it safe from the harsh sun. If your AC’s machine is kept in the shade, it will work more efficiently and use lesser electricity to cool.

Also, to save energy Whirlpool has introduced the revolutionary 3D Cool Xtreme Air Conditioner that gives 50% faster cooling and ensures high performance with optimized power saving, even when the temperature outside is as high as 55oC and the voltage as low as 195 volts.

So, incorporate these small hacks in your life for a sustainable and cost effective development.


We hope these hacks help save power and with the use of Whirlpool’s range of smart new age appliances and services, your home can be eco-friendly and energy efficient.

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