People Living Alone
Five Must Have Appliances for People Living Alone
Are you planning to move your base and shift to a new city? If yes, then you should definitely know certain things before you make it happen. The pervasive domestic chores that we otherwise would never bother while living with a family, might turn out to be our worst nightmare. Nowdays, it’s difficult for a single person to manage work and home.So here are some useful appliances that a single person/or a couple living alone should definitely keep at their home. Well, it doesn’t mean that this would solve all our problems, but it will definitely make our lives a lot simpler. The five must-haves for a simple and easy life:

  • Washing Machine – Believe it or not, a washing machine is a man-made miracle that we cannot imagine our lives without. With a busy lifestyle, we hardly get time to sleep and hand washing our clothes becomes a near to impossible task. In that case, a Whirlpool Stain wash Ultra Washing Machine is a must. The 6th sense Stainwash Ultra clean technology with its unique soak, 3D scrub, agitation and built-in heater gives deeper penetration of detergent removing 25 tough stains and eliminating 99.9% harmful bacteria. What else could we ask for?
  • Refrigerator:  For the food that is leftover, for the drinks which are best enjoyed when served cold, for those exhaustive summer afternoons which demands nothing but the chilled water to quench our thirst and for keeping our veggies and fruits fresh, a refrigerators is something we cannot imagine to live without. The new Ice Magic Fresh range of refrigerators, powered by revolutionary 6th Sense Fresh Control Technology, maintains freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to 7 days (a refrigerator to worry about our veggies, yay!); so that they taste just as freshly plucked from the garden and the advanced cooling make ice faster than any other products in their class – let’s have that fresh summer salad with some chilled juice, shall we?
  • Microwave Oven: Over the years, they have become a necessity, they save us time in heating, reheating or even cooking. And, if we are not a pro at cooking and are always rushing, then a microwave oven is all what we need to gift ourselves. Magicook Deluxe-W from Whirlpool can be the perfect partner. It has got 93 pre-programmed magic menus for quick meals at the touch of a button. Yes, all of us can be chefs now.
  • Air-conditioner: Single or not, an AC is a must! Remember the short ride between the office and our house? Yeah! Our home would be that hot without one. Whirlpool ACs with the revolutionary 3D Cool Xtreme Performance Technology gives 50% faster cooling and ensures high performance with optimized power savings even in these extreme summer conditions. So whether the weather is humid, hot or dry; AC will keep us cool and relaxed.
  • Water Purifier: The water that is supplied to our houses is filled with bacteria, Fungi, lead and all sorts of impurties; therefore a RO is a must to keep your body functional and healthy. Whirlpool RO gives you the purest water while retaining its natural taste. Its Unique Mineral Enrichment System adds back the essential natural mineral back to your water, which is lost in the filtration process. So, what are we thinking now? Install a Whirlpool RO today.
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