AC Tips for The Summer
AC Tips for The Summer

4 ways to ensure your AC works at its peak and 3 ways to help you save electricity

The summer is approaching fast and the Air Conditioner will soon be our savior and best friend, be it to beat the heat or the ensuing humidity.

If you worry about the air conditioner not performing optimally in the searing temperatures outside or it not being able to adjust to the humidity after it rains then your worries are over. Here are some quick tips to ensure that your air conditioning is at the peak of its powers when you need it the most.

  • Clean the Filter, REGULARLY – Regular cleaning ensures smooth airflow during the summer allowing the AC to pull in the maximum volume of hot air in the room. A clogged filter can lower air conditioning performance between 5 – 15%.
  • Clear the condensation pipe and the vents – Check your condensate pipe, ie the pipe that allows the condensed water to flow from within your AC. You can check flow by pouring some water into the pipe and seeing where it comes out. You can also add some bleach if you find algae in your pipe. Similarly, clear the dust from your AC vents ensuring a smooth airflow.
  • Insulation – Do check whether your ducting is completely insulated and you are not losing any cool air while it travels to your room. You can also try and provide shade to your compressor keeping it out of direct sunlight and helping its efficiency and performance.
  • Get the AC serviced – Do get a professional technician to come and give your AC a look health check. Professionals can check levels of Freon (Also known as Gas) and the performance of your compressor, which is what helps cool your rooms.

Once you have covered the basics above, your AC is all set to fight the heat of the summer but you must also think about the energy being consumed in keeping you cool.

We have three tips to help optimize energy consumption.

  • The magic temperature – Keep your thermostat set at 25.5 degrees. This is like the optimal speed of your car ensuring maximum fuel efficiency. The range is between 23 and 27 degrees. Any lower than 23, for each degree increases energy consumption between 5 – 10 % depending on your AC.
  • Use the Fan – The fan helps keep people cool and allows your Air conditioner to be more efficient. Fans will circulate the cool air and help move the warmer air out of the room quicker.
  • Keep the heat out – One of the biggest reasons an AC uses up excess power is when the room gets heated up. Avoid direct sunlight in the summer, keep the curtains closed, use dim lighting and ensure all hot air produced is expelled as quickly as possible (example – use the exhaust while cooking anything so the hot air escapes quickly)

We hope you find this helpful and this summer you will not sweat over an AC that makes you sweat.

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