Refrigerator Veggie-Friendly
Is Your Refrigerator Veggie-Friendly?

Intro: Haven’t you heard enough about the wonders of a veggie-rich diet? Eating fresh vegetables daily can indeed revitalise your body with essential nutrients and antioxidants. But how can you truly ensure that your vegetables remain fresh (read: firm, blemish-free and flavourful), that too in this scorching summer heat? It may seem like your refrigerator is the only answer; but is it really veggie-friendly? Here are a few tips to ensure that your veggies remain fresh.

A Specialised Vegetable Drawer: Every refrigerator comes with a separate vegetable drawer. This is specifically developed to keep veggies fresh. The new range of Whirlpool three-door Protton World Series frost-free refrigerators comes with a separate vegetable drawer that is the largest in its capacity. What’s more, these refrigerators are equipped with unique 6th Sense ActiveFresh technology, that keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

An Effective Refrigerator Seal: How often do we check the rubber or plastic door seal of the refrigerator? A loose seal may hamper the cooling process of the refrigerator. To ensure your veggies remain fresh, conduct a test on this door seal regularly. Take a ten rupee note or a thin piece of paper to check if the seal is losing air. Place the paper or note and close the door on half of it and then try to pull it off. If the paper falls out easily that means the seal has worn off. This will not only affect your veggies but also use up a lot more electricity. But don’t fret just as yet; replacing the seal is not a very expensive affair.

The Fresh Keeper in the Whirlpool three-door Protton World Series refrigerators reduces the oxidation process of the vegetables. This slows down the decaying of vegetables, thus keeping them fresh for longer.

The perfect temperature: Keeping the vegetables at a cool temperature will allow them to breathe thus keeping them fresh in the refrigerator. However, do not forget that the refrigerator air is dry and will cause loss of moisture in your vegetables. That’s why we love the 6th Sense Active Fresh technology in Whirlpool three-door Protton World Series of three-door refrigerators. The Microblock technology prevents microbial growth to keep fruits and veggies in the best of health, while the High Moisture Retention Technology helps maintain optimum temperature in your vegetable compartment, so your veggies stay fresh for over a week.

Breathable Bag Storage: Another way to ensure that your vegetables survive your refrigerator is to put them in mesh zipper bags meant for storing fruits and veggies. You can also use perforated plastic bags that allow your vegetables to breathe.

Give your veggies the right kind of care with the right kind of Refrigerators and they will give back to you the right kind of nutrients.

Cheers to a long and healthy life!

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