Whirlpool India

The Whirlpool Brand in India is the symbolic representative of the spirit that drives and inspires us to be consistent with what we do best, making Home Appliances with advanced and intuitive technology to give our customers better than expected results every time.
This enormous success comes from an enduring brand vision that drives us to create a strong bond with all our consumers. This bond has been created and strengthened over the years by providing forward looking solutions that have partnered with our consumers in managing their home life well.
Whirlpool India
Brand Vision

Brand Vision

Life at home has always been at the heart of our business, and it’s why we are committed to being the best global kitchen and laundry company, in constant pursuit of improving life at home.
We constantly strive to make moments in our consumers’ everyday home life more enjoyable and comfortable through our products. The foundation of this vision lies in our in-depth understanding of the changing needs of the consumer. And this necessitates an evolution of the brand with the constantly evolving consumer.

Brand Philosophy

Whirlpool Brand exists to help families thrive. We believe the simple acts of care they give, day in and day out, have the power to change the world.
Putting the needs of others first isn’t easy, but that’s exactly what caring is. We embrace this sacrifice and the power it brings to our purpose. Cooking, cleaning, and washing aren’t special occasions. Families do them every day. We champion the never ending household routine and the commitment it takes to get it all done. Challenging, beautiful, exhausting, messy — from one day to the next, care can be many things. We celebrate the reality of care, for better or worse.

Behind every chore is an act of love!

Not once a week, Not once a birthday, Not once an anniversary,
But every day. In every little day-to-day way.
Whether it’s a bedtime story for the little one after a long day,
Or that home-made pizza you surprise Dadu with.
Whether it’s the crisp white shirt on the hanger for her first day on the job,
Or that extra ginger you put in your sister’s tea.
You show you care, every day. In your own, very special way.
That’s why we make our appliances with 6th SENSE® Technology,
to sense what you need and help you care for the ones you love.
Making it just a little easier. Every moment. Every hour. Every day.
Whirlpool. Every day, care.
Brand Philosophy