Creating Spaces in Refrigerator
Healthy Ways of Creating Spaces in Refrigerator

The feeling of contentment is undeniable while you are drinking a glass of chilled water. Each drop of that cold drink flows into your food pipe giving the ‘cool-cool, thanda-thanda’ sensation. This is specifically noticeable when heat is all around, and when summers are approaching, cooling drinks and saving foods in the refrigerators is like a task.

Several reasons accompany the fact that refrigerators need special attention during summers. It should be organized and laid properly since:

  1. Your refrigerator is stacked with almost anything and everything that needs to be cooled.
  2. Refrigerators work lesser owing to the high level of heat in the outside atmosphere.
  3. Refrigerators are opened too frequently to allow its optimum level of cooling.

The last two points are still manageable and can be controlled manually with the help of the cooling settings available in the refrigerator. However, if we look at the first fact, it has become very important for us to manage stuff in our refrigerator and get the maximum utilization of space with the minimal maintenance. Organizing the refrigerator well will not only give us cooler foods, but it shall keep the foods healthy and fresh.

Here is how we can deal with the refrigerator space management and achieve the above objective:

  1. Bring out the Clutter:

The first and the foremost step in arranging your refrigerator is to clear all the unnecessary items from the fridge. These include throwing away the expired sauces, powders or any other items, while giving away the food items which you are not going to consume. Doing this shall not only create space in your fridge, but it shall also improve the aura of your refrigerator.

  1. Refer the labels:


Most refrigerators are labeled with the names of specific items and the allocated spaces for such things. Do read that and follow them. For example there are special baskets to keep grocery vegetables, places for eggs, racks for bottles and a different compartment for cheese, butter and other items. Referring to these labels and putting things accordingly shall help you put and access the stuff easily and systematically. Whirlpool’s range of refrigerator brings in exceptionally effective solutions for managing your storage space easily. Accessories like masala bin, lipstick holder and multi utility box helps in creating a dedicated and apt space for removing clutter.

Categorize the mess:


Categorizing all the objects into your refrigerator goes a long way in fast and handy working. Always keep the things that belong to the same genre in the same department. For example, keep all the vegetables in the same bin and fruits in another section. Drinks should be kept in one rack and all the sauces and the powders should be kept together for easier accessibility. Thus to simplify this, Whirlpool’s Protton series refrigerators comes with a separate compartment for vegetable and fruits storage which prevents the main compartment from opening up frequently; thus reducing energy consumption and enhancing power efficiency and cooling.


  1. Avoid unnecessary items:

Many people have the habit of stacking the refrigerator with the items that need not be cooled. It is important to notice and not put them into the fridge in order to avoid the clutter. For example dry fruits, grains and delicate spices can be stored in air tight containers easily rather than creating clutter in refrigerator.

  1. ‘Use it faster’ Shelf:

Allot a rack and categorize all the items which are going to expire sooner and use them as soon as possible. This is a brilliant idea not only to save things from being wasted, but also the new shopping list is ready effortlessly.

  1. Store foods in containers:


It is highly important to store things consciously for the maximum usage of appropriate spaces. If you are storing things in a container, it is advisable to use the ones of the same size and same type. This shall enable you to keep the things organized and stack things one above the other. These containers can be labeled for convenience.

  1. Less needed items:

Things which are of no use at present or the ones which are used very rarely must be kept in the back of the shelves or at the bottom of the refrigerator. But don’t forget to check for them at least once in a day so as not to forget them totally. Liquids that need not be used for longer duration can be bottled and placed in the rack so as to occupy lesser space.

  1. Place lids, wherever necessary:

Any food item must not be kept uncovered in the refrigerator. This is because the gases of different products mix with each other and produce unhealthy environment, leading to unhealthy foods.

  1. Eliminating odor:



Get a box of activated carbon from the market and place it into your refrigerator. This shall absorb all the bad gases and odors in the fridge and keep it odor-less and healthy. Placing a potato or an apple into the refrigerator also works as an odor absorbent. To simplify this even more, Whirlpool’s range of accessories for refrigerator brings in “Fridge Aid” which will make your refrigerator smell nice and fresh all the time.

  1. Check the ice-cubes:

The ice trays must be checked and filled from time to time as the cubes shrink after a long time and are unavailable when needed. Well stocked ice cubes will dazzle your cooling experience on sipping your favorite Mojito on the rocks!!!

  1. Refrigerating Issues:

Food items which are to be stored for a longer time and freshness must be stored in the freezer. Zip lock pouches or containers can be used to store seasonal peas, mangoes or even the ginger or lemon juices.

All the above points must be kept in mind while taking care of your freezer section, but the most important fact is to check if your refrigerator has become too old and consumes more time and energy then required. This will be the time you should consider buying a new one.

Whirlpool brings in the highly advanced range of modern refrigerators that will function exceptionally well in managing and creating storage spaces. They are designed with innovative technology that takes care of your ever changing needs and packaged according to your evolved aesthetic sense in mind.

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