AC For your Home
Choosing a right kind of AC For your Home

Looking to buy a new air conditioner for your house? Well, this is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make for your home and once your AC system is up and running it could be a decade or more that you will replace it. So, buying a right size of air conditioner is helpful which also depends on your particular needs, budget and choice. One has to be an informed buyer especially when there are plethora of brands available today.

How to choose the best room Air Conditioner?

  • AC capacity – Home air conditioners are available from .8Ton to 2 Ton capacity. Depending on the size of the room you may choose the relevant capacity. Buying an air conditioner of higher or lower capacities may lead to higher energy expense and also cooling loss in case of lower than required capacity.
  • Split or window AC – As a rule the performance in terms of window and a split AC does not differ vastly. Depending upon you budget and the construct of your room, you may choose either a split or a window. Generally split ACs are preferred as they do not block a large part of the window or the entire window and are aesthetically more pleasing. Also the trend towards Split has witnessed the difference between the prices being constantly reduced. Sounds level of Splits are usually lower than the windows as the compressor unit is farther away from the dwelling. Manufactures tend to offer more features as well as colour and patterns on the split platform against the window. While buying an air conditioner it is imperative to check earlier on if the installation and service is possible at the place where the product is planned to be placed
  • Aesthetics and your choice – The split AC becomes an integral part of your room, it is important that you take care to choose the right colour and patterns that complement the interior of your home. Some brands offer split AC’s in a range of colours and patterns to choose from
  • Key safety features – A less talked about point is the safety tests that a product confirms to. As an Air conditioner is a highly electricity consuming appliance, it is very important to question the retailer on safety standards a particular brand adheres to. Usually this can be ascertained through the brochures on the shop floor. Certain tests, which are critical, are IEC and fire safety tests
  • Understanding the star ratings – Another feature to look out in an AC is its energy efficiency. Make sure it’s not an electrical guzzler that will burn a hole in your pocket even as it cools your bedroom

Air conditioners are available with a host of features depending upon the manufacturer and the model. It is important to select the features based on your requirements. From the Protton World series, the super stylish aviator series, the chic chrome series to the robust Elegance series, Whirlpool presents air conditioners for all consumers. Some of the features that should be taken into consideration while buying an air conditioner are –

  • Cooling speed – The most important attribute of the AC is its ability to cool fast, the difference between the time you switch on an AC and the time room reaches a comfortable temperature is a key feature. Different AC’s uses a combination of fan speed and compressor controls along with electronics to promise you fast cooling. Try and purchase he AC which cools fastest for satisfying experience
  • Cooling modes – Different cooling modes which allow you to maintain temperature and humidity in the room as per your requirement, usually humidity is passively maintained
  • The remote control and its ease of use
  • Air filters: Some manufacturers now have a host of filters as per models, the new ones are N1H1, HEPA and PLASMA filters, besides this some air conditioners also have aroma filters which give pleasant aroma in the room
  • Sleep modes – As one falls asleep, the temperature of the body starts dropping, this might lead to discomfort late into night or early morning. AC’s with sleep mode make sure that the temperature maintained in the room is increased by a degree every two hours
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