Best ways to Use Air Conditioners and Experience Effective Cooling
Best ways to Use Air Conditioners and Experience Effective Cooling

Oh my, these summers! It’s so hot. The sun is at its peak and these air conditioners, they are not working. But, what is the solution to this?

To beat the evil effects of scorching heat, it becomes essential to stay in a cool place. On an obvious note, it becomes essential to take care of our environment and air conditioners to experience the wonders of effective cooling. Air conditioners are just a man- made machines and we need to pay attention to a few details, in order to make them work efficiently and effectively. Most of us have the air conditioners installed at our homes or offices and we need them all summers. Hence, to get the best out of these ACs, let us keep in mind the following issues and enjoy the uninterrupted cooler summers.

  1. Size of the air conditioners

The size of the AC unit should always match the space required for cooling. This is one major area we need to check. If a bigger unit is installed, the room will be over cooled and the electricity bills will soar high. However, too small a unit of the air conditioner will also lead to higher costs because of more power consumption required to cool the room, ultimately leading to lesser and ineffective cooling. The best way to determine the size and the unit of the air conditioner is to go through an online ‘Tonnage Calculator’ something which can tell you in a few minutes the required AC unit size based on factors like length, width and height of the room, the no. of people, glass windows, storey level, sun and door direction as well as the no. of appliances installed in the room.

  1. Installation of air conditioner: The outdoor unit (focus area)

The outdoor units of air conditioners are subject to direct sunshine as they are exposed to high intencity heat; eventually turning ineffective in a short duration of time. The air conditioner outdoor unit must be installed in a place where there is appropriate shade, possibly in the northern or eastern direction. No two outdoor units must be installed facing each other. This will block the hot air ,which will circulate within itself leading to low or no cooling.

  1. Enable a closed environment:

It is very important to keep the doors closed while the air conditioner is on and disallow any natural or outside heat to peep in. Hence, we must take care that the doors do not open frequently and all the windows and ducts are kept closed while the ACs are working. Special attention must be given to the window seals and the seal between the AC and the metal case. These should be closed properly to lock in the moisture and enable faster cooling. If a window air conditioner is installed, the gap between the window and the AC cabinet must be fixed with a foam weather strip to avoid any insects, dust and outside heat from entering. L-shaped brackets can also be used to prevent the windows from opening up.

  1. Clean the outdoor coils and the air conditioner filter regularly:

All the air conditioners are equipped with the air filters and evaporation and condenser coils. These enable the AC to pull the moisture and heat from inside the room and provide us with the fresh and cold air. These filters and coils must be cleaned thoroughly, at regular intervals for consistent and healthy cooling. In fact, the coil on the outer side of the air conditioner is exposed to all kinds of dirt and dust present in the air. It must be cleaned properly and regularly to avoid any blockage and enable smooth functioning of the AC. Also, the outdoor units must be covered with a plastic or cloth sheet/cover while it is not in use for a longer period of time (especially during winters).

  1. Avoid installing the electrical appliances near the air conditioner:

Television, music system, computer, etc. must not be placed near the air conditioner. Such appliances generate heat while working, giving the wrong signals to the AC thermostat. Hence, in order to keep the ACs working in a sound condition and maintain optimum cooling, the placement of such objects near AC should be seriously avoided. Moreover, one should refrain from piling up objects in front of the AC. Any kind of furniture, books or other objects should not be kept in front of the AC vent. This will block the air conditioner from pulling the moisture in the environment barring it to give fresh and cooler air. Hence, the AC vents should be free from any clutter in front or back.

  1. Use the external fan:

Switching on the external fan along with the air conditioner helps the cool air to circulate faster, leading to quick and effective cooling. Also, since the fan will keep the room cooler, the thermostat can be adjusted to higher temperature saving on electricity expenditure. Nearly 3 percent to 5 percent less energy is consumed for each higher degree of temperature.

  1. Use the Remote control appropriately:

  • It is a common practice to put the remote control here and there. Care must be taken that the remote control is not exposed directly to sunlight. This reduces the signal connectivity of the remote. Any kind of fluorescent lights present in the room will also lower the remote signal.
  • The 3D airflow feature available on the remote must not be used manually. Remote should always be used to adjust the louver and fin settings. Not doing so will damage the AC wing leading to high repair costs. This feature of the air conditioner enables better cooling because of its capability to collect hot air from the bottom of the room, ceiling areas as well as the nooks and corners of the room which has heat stored into them. Then the cool air is circulated into the same areas to provide a cooler environment.
  • We often tend to press the buttons of remote and decrease the temperature to its minimal degree for quick cooling. This not only gives unnecessary pressure on the compressor, but also the cooling takes time with higher load on electricity bills. Hence, this feature must be used as and when needed and a proper cut off degree must be set on the air conditioner thermostat sensor to avoid the over or under cooling of the room.


Apart from the above issues, one main factor to be kept in mind is the repair and replacement of damaged or outdated air conditioners. Replacing them at the right time will save you from the basic costs as well as the regular energy costs too.

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