Overcoming Basic Washing Machine Problems
Overcoming Basic Washing Machine Problems

The saying, “What you give, you receive in return” holds true not only for the relationships, but also with the things that we use. And washing machines is just one of them. Washing machine is one such women savior, which runs cleaning cycles of huge amount of clothes, saving women with a whole lot of time that they can use it for their other chores or leisurely tasks. Thanks to the washing machines, it seems so easy to get cleaner, softer, stain free and the hygienic clothes within less than an hour. However, we need to take care of these appliances in order to keep receive all the love it showers upon us.

Has your washing machine ever stopped in the middle of the wash run? Does it make a lot of noise while washing clothes? Do you get dirty or unclean clothes after the wash cycle?

If your answers to the above questions is ‘Yes’, then you are facing the washing machines problems. Washing appliances are of great use, but the regular use of these appliances does lead to certain problems. Don’t worry, these problems are basic and can be tackled easily. It’s just that we need to recognize the problems and find the simple solutions to them.

Common Problems we face while using Washing Machines:

  1. Unclean clothes
  2. Noisy washing and drying cycles
  3. High consumption of fabric softener or detergent
  4. Increased water usage
  5. Bad smelling clothes and machine
  6. Dirty looking washing machine
  7. Increased maintenance costs

The above problems can be handled easily with the help of the following SOLUTIONS:

  1. Fill the machine only up to its capacity:

All the washing machines have a specific loading capacity; stacking them with anything more than that will let the wear and tear of the washing machine, leading to the permanent or temporary break down. Hence, for smooth working of the washing machine, only limited clothes must be stuffed into it.

  1. Place the clothes one after another:

The clothes must be put one after another, keeping in mind their colour, texture and the inside out position if required. If these are heaped in an unorganized and tangled manner, it may give out dirty or damaged clothes.

  1. Put appropriate clothes:

The washing machines are designed to clean the normal clothes. Any kind of heavy stuff like the carpets or the door mats or the rubber material is inappropriate and should not be washed in the washing machine. This will damage the internal parts with overloading breaking the washing mechanism.

  1. Check the detergent type and quantity:

All the machines are subject to certain types of detergents or the softeners. The user manual of these washing machines must be read thoroughly and only those detergents, bleaches, or softeners should be used that are appliance friendly. Also, if the quantity of the detergent is lower or higher than required, this may lead to unclean clothes or clothes with softeners after wash. More amount of detergent will require more water unnecessarily. Thus to bring ease in your life, Whirlpool Washing Machines are equipped with LED display which checks your clothing load and accordingly direct you on quantity of detergent to be poured in the machine.

  1. Keep the lid open after use:

This is very important task to be done after each wash. Keeping the appliance lid closed after use may retain the moisture inside the machine leading to smelling machine and smelling clothes. The lid should be kept open for at least half an hour after use every time.

  1. Understand your washing machine settings:

All machines have different settings for different types of clothes. It is vital to understand these settings and manage washing your clothes accordingly. For example, warm or hot water must be used only for greasy clothes and normal water should be used for all other clothes. The simple fuzzy settings must be used for the normal clothes, while the gentle wash feature should be used for the baby clothes and the woolen setting must be used for the woolen clothes. Using and following these settings shall help us to get stain free clothes and shall also keep the life of the clothes longer.

  1. Be gentle with the Switch panels:

The digital panels on the washing machines must be taken care of and cleaned regularly. Water should not be allowed to spill on these. This may lead to current and risk of death.

  1. Check the floor level:

Next time you hear unbearable noise while your machine is washing clothes; do check its floor level. This mainly happens if your machine is not put on the proper level and is on an uneven surface. It should be kept in level by supporting with other objects or should be placed on an even surface totally.

  1. Do not delay the repairs needed:

The washing machine customer care must be contacted and the service personnel must be called in case the machine needs any kind of service or repairs. This kind of activity should not be delayed, as this may totally harm the product and lead you to spend more than necessary.

  1. Run the empty cycle:

Using the washing machine regularly also requires its regular cleaning. For this it is necessary to run the empty wash cycles (without any clothes) atleast once in a month. These cycles can be run by using the vinegar and salt, baking soda, detergent or just the bleach. This will help clean the tub on a regular basis, without much effort. The washing machine will be free from its dirt and the dirty smell, giving you fresh and cleaner clothes. Moreover, Whirlpool brings in Scalegon which acts as an effective cleaning agent for your washing machine.

  1. Cleaning internal portions:

The lint filter, water pipes and the detergent cases must also be cleaned regularly for the smooth functioning of the washing machine. Cleaning these parts may require little effort, but less or no maintenance costs therein shall explain all the worth then.

  1. Clean the rust stains:

Rust stains on a washing machine may be dangerous for the clothes and the internal spare parts of the machine itself. Hence, the rust stains must be removed by running an empty cycle with just the lime juice and the water at its highest temperature in the washing machine.

  1. Dryer Issues:

Most dryers in all types of machines tend to overheat. This is mainly because of the blockage in the air flow. Removing the lint from the lint filter after every use, shall maintain a regular airflow keeping the dryer in sound working conditions. All the washing machines will result positively if taken care of.

Whirlpool’s Fully Automatic Washing Machines takes extra care in understanding your needs and delivering not just the right washing machine but the right choice suited to your lifestyle. The incredible new range of washing machines have been designed to sense and adapt with you and your loved ones to care for their clothes as you would for them.

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