Woollen Garments
How to make Your Woollen Garments Delight You for Life

Imagine asking a friend politely –”That is a nice sweater! Where did you buy it from?”

To your disbelief, pat comes the reply- “Oh! I don’t remember now. I bought it four years ago.”

There is a reason why you would find it hard to believe the sweater is four years old. Because we all know how tough it is to maintain woollen clothes. They shrink, get affected by lint and pilling, the woes go on. And sometimes, they decide to get baggy, like they have a mind of their own!

But, what if we told you that when you treat your woollens right, they will delight you for life?

Don’t worry. We are not going to confuse you with complicated instructions. We have only one advice: Treat your woollens like friends! Best part, the task becomes easier if you have Supreme Care washing machine by your side.

We all remember the classic movie – Honey, I shrunk the kids. We have been guilty of doing the same thing with our woollen clothes. We dump our adult sized sweaters into the washing machine and in just one wash, out comes a child’s sweater! And how can one forget the annoying lint and pilling that take the glamour out of our beautiful winter garments?

To minimise these nightmares like shrinkage, lint and pilling, simply follow the simple tips and tricks we are about to share.

At Whirlpool, we understand the delicate structure of woollen clothes and the emotions attached to a favourite sweater. As woollens require the softest of touch, we created the soft cradle cycle exclusively for your winter garments. In this cycle, the machine intelligently senses the fabric and provides the gentlest wash with perfectly tailored drum movements. Our Supreme Care washing machines have an intricate pattern of the drum with 20% smaller holes, which results in 70% reduced friction for the clothes.

Woollen clothes

Remember the pain of discovering your favourite sweater covered with lint and pilling? They are the small fuzz balls that appear on the surface of the fabric because of abrasion during normal wear. But the primary reason is the inefficiency of a washing machine to handle woollens properly. That is why Supreme Care has Wave Motion Spin which is an advanced adaptive spin that reduces the centrifugal force acting on the clothes and relaxes the garments between spins to prevent damage. Plus, there is low contact friction between the drum and laundry which protects the clothes from wear and tear. So, as long as you have Supreme Care, you can relax and say no to lint!

Read the labels! All garments come with laundry symbols on their labels. There are in fact five specific instructions which are often ignored by users. Every square, triangle and circle denotes an instruction & when followed properly can make you a laundry expert. So, next time you wash your clothes, check out the symbols and select the appropriate mode in your washing machine. It’s that simple.

And that’s not all! Here are a few additional, quick tips to keep your winter garments as good as new.

  • Soak the woollen garments in water for a few hours before washing. This makes the woollen fibres saturated and prevents shrinking.
  • Before drying, remove excess water by laying the garment on a towel. You can also roll the garments lightly along with the towel and gently squeeze them. Then unroll and leave them to dry.
  • Don’t hang the innocent garments! Woollen garments are not meant to be dried on a clothes line like other garments. This makes the fabric lose its shape due to stretching. Dry them on a flat surface. Also, don’t keep them in direct sunlight and intense heat to prevent fading of colours.
  • Nothing will prove beneficial if you use the wrong product to wash the garments. Use a liquid detergent with Woolmark certification for a mild yet effective cleaning. Also, check the pH of the detergent before using it as higher alkaline levels can cause damage to woollen garments.
  • Stacking damp woollen clothes together is one of the primary reasons for moth and germs. But, if you have Supreme Care by your side, its patented Freshcare technology will keep your garments fresh and dry by using the tumble motion. It also lets air proliferate through the load to reduce bacterial build-up. Just to be extra safe, you can stash some moth balls along with your woollens.
  • Lastly, wear your garments with love! Wear them as they are supposed to be. Don’t spray perfumes on your woollen garments or stretch them by tying them around your waist. Make it a habit to check out your surrounding before sitting, to avoid dirt and stains. If you treat your woollens with the care they deserve, you will be surprised at how they will fit you perfectly, even years down the line.

Woollen clothes

The task of keeping your woollen garments in the best shape becomes easier with a Supreme Care washing machine. The entire range of Whirlpool washing machines comes with an advanced Sense Inverter Motor, which is engineered for handling clothes with unmatched precision and quality. On top of that, an automatic wave motion wash smartly senses the garments and sets the mode to each fabric type, for tailored drum movements.

Follow these simple steps and your favourite woollen garments will always remain like new. And, get ready to be the next one to say with a mysterious smile – “This sweater is not new. It’s four years old!”

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