An Air Purifier
The Utmost Need For An Air Purifier

The plummeting level of air quality today is a well-known fact. And it only plummets further during the festive season. Festivals like Diwali that were celebrated with great fervor are now equated with burning eyes, difficulty in breathing and sinus problems, to name just a few of the health concerns experienced during this time. During winters, especially when the fog is intense, families with kids keep their children indoors for as much time as they can. But some studies reveal that in certain cases, indoor pollution levels are greater than outdoor pollution levels.

While an Air purifier is recommended for all age groups and across all living conditions in our country, certain segments discussed below have an indispensable requirement.

Families with Kids

Children are more prone to suffer from air borne diseases as their metabolisms are immature and immunity is not as strong as adults. We care about our children more than we care about ourselves. Though we try to protect them from all kinds of harm, nowadays it is impossible to have them breathe clean air. Younger children do not have an immunity as strong as that of adults and are easily susceptible to harm caused by air pollution. PM 2.5, one of the most dangerous pollutants, can cross the lung-blood and blood-brain barrier and damage children’s cells*. What is even more alarming is that it can easily penetrate the womb of expectant mothers who are breathing toxic air**. Childhood is the most crucial stage for a child’s mental and physical development. So, to avoid triggering allergies or health disorders, it’s imperative that a HEPA Air Purifier is installed at home.

The elderly

Clean Air for the elderly works like a balanced diet. It’s imperative that the air around our ageing parents or grandparents is free from dust, smoke, allergens and bacteria. Like children, the elderly are more prone to catching air borne diseases. So, make sure that if you have an elderly person at home, an air purifier is installed in their room.

There is a pet at home

However much we may try to keep our sofas, bedrooms and every part of the house free of pet dander, we cannot stop its recurrence. Also, wherever there are pets, odour, even if faint, lingers in the house. Elders or children suffering from asthma or other allergies are worst affected when pet dander is constantly present. The multi-stage purification process in Whirlpool Purafresh Air Purifiers makes sure that all visible and non-visible allergens are eliminated from the air. One more reason to choose them!

You live near an industrial area or a heavy-traffic road

There is no bigger reason to buy an air purifier than this one and if you’re living in a city, you are probably living near both! Industrial and vehicular chemicals are the most harmful kinds of air pollutants and irrespective of age or stage of life, they will have an adverse affect on your health. Pollutants like sulphur and nitrogen particulates can cause serious diseases if there is prolonged exposure. In fact, the terrifying Smog witnessed in NCR is a mixture of industrial pollutants like carbon monoxide, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, ozone and fog. Some ailments caused by smog are constant coughing, asthma, bronchitis and eye-irritation. Invest in an air purifier and protect yourself and your family from these pollutants.

You have a smoker at home

There are more than 7000 chemicals in a cigarette smoke like lead, arsenic which can lead to pulmonary diseases even if you are getting a secondhand exposure. An air purifier is must to protect the young and elderly if smoking persistently happens in or around the house.

You have a pre-existing condition

If you are diagnosed with asthma or other breathing disorders, not taking preventive action will only aggravate your problem. The air which we breathe sitting in the comfort of our homes can be 2x or 5x worse than outdoor air pollution.  Factors like inadequate ventilation, tobacco smoke and noxious gas like Radon make indoor air far more concentrated with pollutants than outdoor air.  Also, it is common knowledge that constantly breathing harmful air can become the cause for long-term illnesses. Take a step before it is too late.

These are just a few age groups or living conditions where an air purifier is a must. The deteriorating condition of air demands an air purifier in every home – as a precaution, and as a must! We at Whirlpool offer a range of HEPA Air Purifiers endowed with a 4-in-1 filter. It not only removes 14 types of air pollutants, but also acts harshly on PM 2.5 pollutants, ensuring 99% cleansing. The small and big room solution offerings are the best-in-class and can be bought online here.





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