Making Life Easier In The Kitchen – Modular Kitchens Are A Modern Day Necessity
Making Life Easier In The Kitchen – Modular Kitchens Are A Modern Day Necessity

Ever since 37-year-old Mrs.Singhania a homemaker from Kolkata stepped into her new home, she wasn’t too happy getting into the kitchen and cooking her signature meals. Was her family not appreciating her hard work? Was she coming-of-age and losing interest? Was she running out of ideas on cooking healthy meals? No. Mrs.Singhania was fed up with the clutter around – the utensils over the countertop, the unsightly affair of dry groceries welcoming the sight and of the cylinder baring its ugly self. She needed respite from the mess around, from the oil stains, the dirty tiles, the ugly cylinder peeking at her and from the unholy smoke – Mrs. Singhania needed a change – a modern, satisfactory, fully built-in, anti-finger print kitchen makeover!

Time for a change

Modular kitchens to the rescue; where style meets functionality. Modular kitchen fitted with built-in appliances bring in the look, the feel and the ambience, and can be modified or customised as per the client’s needs.

The rise of modular kitchens in this day and age

Modular kitchens are the ‘new-age’ phenomena. Such concepts aren’t luxury anymore, but a necessity to have. In the past, modular kitchens across the nation were installed, far and few between. Blame it on the lack of ‘certified and trained professionals’ or the ‘demand’ for the same, installing modular kitchens needed a lot of planning and was an expensive affair back then.

With the advent of international players in the market joining hands with the national companies, professional training was imparted on the installation of modular kitchens – reputed institutions such as NID’s and IIT’s in India impart courses catering to this domain as well.

So, yes there is a demand for Modular kitchens that are fitted with stylish and intuitive Built-In Appliances. In this day and age, Indian women has a wide range to choose from and the myriad variety of sophisticated range of kitchen appliances can only justify her need.

Advantages of modular kitchens

  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Stylish and Sleek Built-In Appliances powered with leading-edge designs.
  • Dismantling the modular kitchen isn’t a Herculean task
  • Relocating the modular kitchen is easy
  • Customisations all the way
  • Clutter-free kitchen
  • Convenience, safety and sophistication – all rolled into one

Appliances one can use with Modular Kitchens

  • Sleek built-in 6th Sense Built-In Dishwashers by Whirlpool are armed with cutting-edge Power Clean technology and superior performance. Needles to say, the ‘Green Generation dishwashers’ are highly energy-efficient and are amongst the most resource-efficient dishwashers.
  • To drive away smoke from the kitchen effectively, modular kitchens happily accommodate the very European’ in make, the built-in Whirlpool Cooker Hoods; no more soot, oil stains and smoky affairs to deal with.
  • The quaint ‘Built-In hobs’ is a ‘compact unit’ that has many burners, bringing in the latest European touch to easy modern day cooking.
  • Trendy shutters are used in every kitchen these days; displaying valuable crockery items made easy with the help of reliable and durable modular kitchen concepts.
  • The chic and ever-so stylish Built-in Coffee Machines are fully automatic and is nothing short of having a coffee shop in your house. Designed to suit your needs and preferences, such as the adjustable strength of coffee, temperature and other parameters, these machines give you a perfect way to start each day.

The myriad shapes and styles of modular kitchens

From the luxurious glossy stainless steel ones to the simple wooden modular kitchens, there is one for every home. Take a look at the market, speak to reputed interior decorators and experts, or simply browse online and you would find plenty of styles to suit your taste – just as our homemaker Mrs. Singhania did. Here are a few styles to speak off and available in the market:

  • For homes blessed with a spacious kitchen, the U-Shaped modular kitchen would be best to install. Plenty of storage options for just about every utility item, which in turn makes the kitchen very spacious and open.
  • Indian homes need a lot of work space in their kitchens, and some have dining tables placed near them as well. Keeping this in mind, the L-Shaped kitchen does justice to the homemakers needs.
  • For small kitchens in small new homes, the Parallel modular kitchen would work wonders – more work space provided, lengthwise than breadth wise. The concept is designed in such a way that there is optimum convenience given in the small kitchen and plenty of work space allowed as well.
  • An amalgamation of the Parallel shape and the L- Shaped kitchen, the Island shaped modular kitchen is best installed in large homes. Such kitchens allow for more room and work space, and to store large amount of goods and utility items too – perfect for large Indian families or big joint families.

When refurbishing your home this time, don’t ignore the fact that the soul of the house needs a makeover too. How ghastly a welcome it would be walking into a kitchen that has items and utilities strewn all over!

Save yourself from the rants outside, think modern and transform the humble kitchen into a chic cove where cooking can be done in fun. A little splash of colour, quirky cabinets, smooth countertops and perfect dazzling shelves or more – Whirlpool’s Built-In Kitchen Appliances can encapsulate a homemaker’s wish, playing Fairy Godmother!

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