The Basic Dining Etiquette
Know The Basic Dining Etiquette

Often we find ourselves open to judgement on the way we look, talk or eat. And the way one eats says a lot about them. It is important to know the basics dining etiquette to not call unwated attention towards oneself.

Be it a casual dinner party, enjoying a backyard barbecue, or dining out at a casual restaurant, one still need to mind their manners and follow proper etiquette guidelines. Even if it is a more relaxed environment than one would find at a formal event, being percieved as rude is never a good idea. Good manners can take you far.

So for your next fancy dinner party or to teach the kids, here are some basic dining manners to be kept in mind:

Know which glass to reach for the next time you are offered drinks.

Types of Wine Glasses

Forks and knives have a language of their own. Know where to place them and when.

Cutlery during a meal

Different occasion and timings call for a different set of table assemble. Take your pick to suit the need of the hour.

Different set of table assemble

Knowing the glass is one thing, its placement is another. Always place the water glass to the left of the alcohol glass.

Glass is one thing, its placement is another

Know when to pick different kind of forks and spoons – The fork and knives closer to the table are for main course. If you still find yourself confused, count the number of prongs/ teeth. The one with 4 teeth is for eating main course whereas, the one with three teeth is for eating salad and the smaller one with three teeth is for dessert (usually served after the main course)

To pick different kind of forks and spoons

Few tips

  • Do not start your food till everyone has been served the food or before the host/hostess indicates
  • After you finish your food, see if everyone on the table is finished eating too and then only place your napkin to the left hand side of your plate
  • After you use any piece of cutlery, rest it on the edge of your plate; don’t put it back in the line-up
  • If the dinner is a formal event/party you may take a bottle of wine or champagne as a courtesy gift
  • Give as much space to the server as you can so that it is easy for them to serve
  • While having soup or shorba do not cling or tilt the bowl. Use the bowl shape spoon and bring it close to your mouth instead of moving your face to the table
  • Make sure your guests are served well during a meal, you should help yourself last and never stretch across to pick up things
  • Never use cutlery to gesture while talking, and  don’t try to scrape or clatter noisily against the dishes either
  • If you are served a plateful of dishes that you don’t like, eat it instead of refusing to taste. And compliment the cook too
  • And lastly do not point out in case someone is not following the right etiquette. It is consider more rude and inappropriate
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