Tips On Fabric Care
Tips On Fabric Care

Why to spend on new clothes when you can take proper care of your old ones and wear them as often as you want to. Taking appropriate care of your clothes not only help them last longer but also make you look better.

Laundry labels do not always tell you enough about the required treatment of the clothes and different fabrics need caring in different ways. Here are some tips on washing and fabric care that you should always keep in mind –

  • Avoid washing tissues, money, lipstick, etc.. Also remember to close zippers, clasp hooks and check pockets while sorting stuff as this will prevent snags
  • You need to take care while selecting the cycle and temperature, it should be just appropriate for the load
  • If you have a load with mixed fabric settings, choose the lowest setting available on your dryer to match with the lowest care label temperature#Whirlpool #Fabric #Care #Tip #WashingTip #Laundry
  • Use an air-only cycle on heat-sensitive fabrics like rubber, plastic, and other delicate fabrics
  • Don’t throw delicate into a hot dryer. Dry lightweight, delicate fabrics while the machine is cool, and then dry items like pants and dress shirts. Towels and jeans can handle the hot drum, and should be dried last
  • Remove the clothes from the dryer and hang them up immediately
  • Dab ice water onto food stains immediately , so it does not setWhirlpool Fabric Care Tips Washing Tip Laundry
  • Garments should be neatly folded and placed in the dresser drawers
  • Avoided crushing your clothes in the drawer, properly hang them in the closet
  • To avoid fold creases spoiling the line of clothes which are not suitable for hanging, gently roll them instead
  • Some of us do laundry most often, which should be avoided. The clothes need to get appropriate airing before getting washed
  • Try using the seams of your clothes to guide your folding, it’s much more efficient as it will keep the garments in proper shape and will save huge space
  • Some heavy garments such as denim a lot of times develop creases in the wash that do not iron out properly. So before you set them on the iron board, grab them by the waistband and flick them really hard to shed away all the wrinkles
  • If you accidentally shrink your favourite piece of cloth, you may just be able to save it provided it’s still damp. Lay it out flat and smooth it into shape. Taking an end in each hand, try a gentle, slow tug along the line of the weave. Proceed cautiously, testing the give in the material, and working as evenly as you can.

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