A Perfect Diwali
Your Checklist For A Perfect Diwali

While we have all fought with our siblings about putting up fairy lights over the too-bright blue ones, or take for example the Diwali ki safai, the festival of lights is all about getting together & making most of the festivities.
Apart from making the most beautiful rangoli & stuffing yourself with all the barfis, ladoos  & dry fruits, make sure that you tick all the tasks in the checklist we have compiled for you to have the perfect Diwali:

1) Get your home bright, clean and colourful!

Before your mom begins with the scolding, start cleaning up your home, inside out. Add some nice bright fairy lights across the garden or balcony. This Diwali ditch the traditional rangoli for a floral rangoli instead. It is easier to make and clean.

Wash your curtains and linen in the Whirlpool Stainwash washing machine and keep them looking like new.

2) Coolness Quotient matters!

Coolness Quotient matters!
When others around you are busy in bursting loud & noisy crackers, you can organize a crazy card party at your place. For that, make sure you have plates of snacks, a mix of cocktails & soft drinks & your dining room’s AC switched on!

3) Prepare for the last minute guests in advance

Whirlpool FDBM refrigerator
Even on the day of the day festival, there’s a huge probability that you’ll have guests knocking your door with mithai ke dabbe & good wishes. To avoid last minute frantic trips to the grocery store, keep a stock of fresh fruits, veggies & sweets in the Whirlpool FDBM refrigerator & be the perfect host to your guests, without getting worked up about what to feed them.

4) Extend the delight in your heart to the unannounced guests

Whirlpool Magicook Microwaves
Have a couple of microwave recipes handy to whip up a quick meal for those last minute guests you may not have catered for. With the Whirlpool Magicook Microwaves, select dishes from the autocook menu and have the ready in a matter of minutes. Find some easy to make recipes here

Just these few simple things will let you play perfect host to any number of guests you may want to entertain this festive season. So go ahead, plan that big party and show off your Whirlpool home to everyone.

Happy Diwali!

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