Baked Eggs – Easy Microwave Recipe
Baked Eggs – Easy Microwave Recipe

Quick to prepare and easy to munch upon, this nutritious and yummilicious dish of Baked Eggs can be easily prepared with Whirlpool Jet C Nutritech Microwave Oven.

Rich in carbohydrates, this dish is primarily dominated with the crispness of potatoes and aromatic fusion of herbs and garlic cloves.

Simply dice the potatoes in thin shapes in order to get that crispiest taste to relish. Sprinkle some oil on the European Crisp Pan and place potato slices. Spread garlic cloves with a dash of herbs on it. Select “Crisp” mode and place the pan inside the microwave. Press “6th Sense” button and the 3D Crisp Technology at Power 4 mode will evenly cook the dish and give the best browning and crisping results.

Transfer the crisp potatoes in a baking plate. Break 2 eggs and drop the egg yolk on the potatoes. Select “Oven” mode and turn the adjusting knob to cook the dish at 180 degrees for 5 minutes.

Simply take it out and sprinkle salt and pepper for enhanced taste.

Click this video and take a detail tour for learning this wonderful breakfast quick fix recipe.

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