The Need For Modern Water Purification Systems
The Need For Modern Water Purification Systems

Almost 70% of the human body is made up of water, making it one of the most essential components for our survival. 70% of the Earth is also covered with water but only about 1% of that is fit for human consumption.

Even out of this 1% that is fit for consumption, it is very hard to find water that is pure enough to drink without any pre treatment.

In the earlier times what filtration and treatment included passing it through muslin cloth, boiling the water, etc. These methods have since become much more simple, sophisticated and effective.

Here are a few reasons why modern methods of water purification are better –


One of the primary reasons we need to shift from tap water to filtered water is to ensure the least amount of exposure to water borne disease such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, etc. About 1.8 million people die every year of diseases like cholera. Millions of others are seriously sickened by a variety of water-related ailments—many of which are easily preventable.

Here are some common myths about water borne diseases busted –

Other than the known water borne diseases there is also one very profound effect of consuming polluted water, especially among children. Chronic infection/ inflammation of the small intestine, which is caused by water borne diseases, leads to mal-absorption of mineral and nutrients. This in turn leads to malnutrition.

The way to beat all these health issues and to insure your family stays safe and sound is to move away from tap water to purified water.

Ease of Access and Storage

Many people still consider the water purification unnecessary and/or tedious. We have already established why purified water is a necessity. But to counter the second point, getting purified water is no longer the tedious task it used to be. Remember when you mother had to get up at the crack of down to fill filtered water into large vessels, that were then put on the burner and boiled for an hour or so, until the impurities were considered removed? This method is now a thing of the past. The tension of storing this large amount of boiled water, filling it from vessels into bottles to go into the fridge, making sure the vessels stayed covered so that nothing contaminated the water, there is now a simple solution to all of these problems. RO Water Purifiers with storage capacity.

The modern day water purifiers not only filter water without any effort from your end but also provide a very easy and convenient method of storing it! Now you need not worry about the clutter of vessels filled with water in your kitchen again. These purifiers are not only very effective but also very well designed, so that they fit perfectly into your stylish kitchen.

The RO water purifiers don’t need regular cleaning like the old candle filters, which were a mess to clean. They work perfectly with just regular maintenance.

Purity and taste

Many people also worry that water purifiers change the taste of water. This is usually due to the fact that along with removing the impurities from the water they also remove all essential mineral, thus changing the taste of the water. This is one concern you can easily forget about if you get the Whirlpool water purifiers. They come with a unique, in built mineral enrichment system. What this system does is, that it adds back the essential mineral to the water after all the impurities are removed. Thus, keeping the water clean and healthy, in the most natural way possible. The Whirlpool Water Purifier not only cleans the water but also ensures that you get the benefit of drinking fresh water along with its natural goodness.

To provide this intelligent and compact solution for clean and healthy water to your family contact us at 1800 280 180 or you could book a demo and see the results for yourself before making a choice.

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