10 Things Your Microwave Can Actually Do
10 Things Your Microwave Can Actually Do.

Busy lifestyles have made Microwave a part of our daily lives. Today, for anything related to cooking we have microwave ovens on our side. But there is a lot more than cooking that your Microwave can help you in your daily routine.

Here are 10 things that you didn’t know that your Microwave is capable of –

  1. Peel Onions and garlic without much pain – Because when you come home after a tiring day, you sure do not want to do a sticky job with a headache. Peel the onions without crying, all you need to do is cut the ends of your onions and keep it inside for 30 seconds and you will be glad with the end result.
  2. Roast nuts – No you don’t need to do that on a stove anymore. Place it on a plate and sprinkle spices of your choice on it. Keep it inside for 30- 60 seconds depending upon the quantity and you have your toasted nuts ready to be served.
  3. Stale to crispier chips – Forgot to seize the packet of your favourite chips? Not an issue anymore. Take them out in a plate and cover it with a paper towel. All the moisture will be absorbed by the towel and you will have your crispier chips back. The same can be done for breads too. Try it now!
  4. Sterilize – It works in many ways – from disinfecting your sponges, to your utensils and even the soil (for healthier plants). Just keep it inside the microwave oven for 30-90 seconds depending upon the quantity and you will see the difference. Sponges and utensils should be kept with a little water to get away with all the impurities.
  5. Extract more juice – Don’t we all love citrus juices? So, here’s a smart trick to extract more juice out of the citrus fruit. Let them get a little warm inside your microwave oven and then squeeze out the liquid. You are going to love this one!
  6. Hot Compression – Well, this is one thing you can’t live without. Instant Hot compress is now just a ‘Microwave’ step away. Don’t wait for hot water, just wet the towel and keep it inside the microwave for about a minute and yes, your pain will have an instant remedy.
  7. Dry your herbs at home with ease – You don’t have to wait for sun and keep them out for drying. You have the microwave to do that trick for you, all you need to do is keep them inside a towel for 30 seconds, crumble it and keep it inside an air tight container.
  8. Decrystallize the honey – Well we all love honey, don’t we? But not in its crystallised form, so instead of eating it the same way you can keep your jar (without the lid) inside a microwave for 30 seconds and get the sweet caramelised form back.
  9. Taking care of your beauty – Here ladies, give a hot oil conditioning to your hair and feel rejuvenated. You can also heat your facial moisturising mask before putting it on your face (keep in mind the temperature, do not make it so hot). A little secret to make your skin glow.
  10. Microwave cleaning – The most important of all. Yes, your microwave can clean itself. To carry out all the above processes you need your microwave to be disinfected and clean. Just keep a little vinegar in the bowl and heat it for 2 minutes, the steam will stick everywhere inside the microwave. Now, just wipe it off with ease. Isn’t it too easy?
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