Ginger Honey Snaps – Microwave Cookies Recipe
Ginger Honey Snaps – Microwave Cookies Recipe

Wow, a quick fix for your hungry tummy, “Ginger Honey Snaps” are surely going to crave you more even after satisfying your hunger.

So, to start with this delightful recipe, simply follow the steps provided below:

Take a microwave friendly bowl and add butter, castor sugar and honey. Mix it well.

Place the bowl in the microwave and let it cook on “Jet Start” mode. A one touch button, the Jet Start mode will evenly melt your mixture and heat it within 30 seconds. Now take out the bowl and enjoy the aroma.

Whisk the mixture of butter appropriately in order to prevent the formation of lumps. Then, add all purpose flour with ground dried ginger to make a batter for Snaps.

Take the European Crisp Pan and drop small scoops of batter at an appropriate distance. The European Crisp Pan accessory is apt for baking your dishes; reaching the perfect level of crispness.

Now place the pan in the microwave oven and let it bake at 170 degree Celsius for 8 minutes on “Oven” mode.

Once the timer is reached, take out the pan. Place the snaps on a rolling pin in a way that it turns into a semi circular shape (similar to tacos). Thereafter, prepare it for plating. Place the snaps on a plate. Add cream to it and garnish with pomegranate seeds, orange rinds and mint. You can also garnish it as desired.

So, after getting an idea about this crunchy recipe, do not miss to check out the video.

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