Accordion Potatoes – Microwave Recipe
Accordion Potatoes – Microwave Recipe

With Whirlpool Jet C Nutritech Microwave Oven, you can simply relish and experience the delight of preparing Accordion Potatoes with such ease and simplicity.

The “Jet Start” function will help you in melting the butter to a smooth aromatic texture in 30 seconds. With one touch feature, the food item will be cooked at the maximum power level.

The inclusion of Whirlpool’s unique 6th Sense Weight Sensor feature will automatically measure and sense the weight of the food according to its type. Moreover, the time and power will be intelligently set as required. This one touch feature ensures to create the balance between nutrition and taste.

Placing the potatoes in the European Crisp Pan Accessory, the 3D Crisp Technology at Power 4 mode will evenly cook it, giving the best browning and crisping results.

Simply click this video and get to learn cooking this wonderful recipe in minutes.

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