Grilled Peaches – Microwave Dessert Recipe
Grilled Peaches – Microwave Dessert Recipe

Craving for desserts? Then this mouthwatering “Grilled Peaches” dish is truly your savior. Enriched with the goodness of peaches and cream, this dessert will surely be a hit for your guests too.

So, let’s begin to make it.

Take a fresh ginger and dice it into juliennes. Take a bowl and add the diced gingers, sprig of rosemary, castor sugar and red wine vinegar. Appropriately mix it well.

Take peaches and dice them properly. Add these peaches in the mixture prepared in the bowl. Add sugar and toss the mixture to coat the peaches properly.

Now, take a microwave safe plate and grease it will butter. Add the peach mixture on it and sizzle any sugar syrup on it.

We will now prepare this dish by selecting the “Combi Grill” function in Whirlpool Jet C Nutritech. Place the plate in the oven, press “Combi” function and let it cook at 650 watts for 7 minutes.

Now that the peaches are ready, it is time to plate it. So, take a rectangular plate, place some cream at an even distance and place scoops of grilled peach evenly on the top of it. Sprinkle your desired garnishing and get set to munch upon this sweet tooth recipe!!!!

So, if you are all set to check this out, do not miss to click on the video.

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