Oat Cookies – Microwave Recipe
Oat Cookies – Microwave Recipe

The word “Cookies”; when heard, simply accentuate our taste buds to an altogether another level. Hence, enriched with the goodness of generous butter, oats and almonds, you will definitely love to prepare this delightful recipe of Oat Cookies with Whirlpool Jet C Nutritech Microwave Oven and relish.

To start, simply toast some almonds with “Crisp function” and press “6th Sense” button wherein the 3D Crisp Technology at Power 4 mode will create its magic of crisp and browning results. Thereafter simply dice them to give a crunchy effect.

Take a bowl. Add butter, sugar, milk, oats, baking powder, nutmeg powder, flour and chopped almonds. Keep them mixing in between to prepare a soft dough.

Take the European Crisp Pan and place a butter paper over it. Make small circular shaped balls and place them on butter paper. Place the tray in a preheated oven and select “Oven” mode manually and let it bake at 150 degrees for 7 minutes.

Let them cool down and thereafter plate it. Relish these crunchy oats cookies with cold milk or a cup of coffee and do not miss to invite your friends over.

Simply click this video and get to learn cooking this wonderful recipe in minutes.

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