Washers faqs

This depends on the hardness of your water and the soil in your clothing. Softened water requires quite a bit less detergent than hard water yet the more soiled the clothes, the more detergent you need to clean them. See the instructions on the detergent package for specific guidelines. If soap suds remain at the end of the cycle, you are probably using too much detergent.

Only when your laundry is very dirty.

Many synthetic clothes shed small fibers that ball up and cling to the clothes. Remove these “pills,” if you like, with a fuzz-removing device that is available from many department stores. Overloading your washer can make this condition worse.

Turning clothes inside out doesn’t affect the wash performance, but can help to prolong the life of your garments, especially coloured garments or those with a special finish or logo. It can also help prevent fluff balls forming on woollen garments.