The evolution of technology and its awe-inspiring utility that has been captured in the latest gadgets is the hottest conversation topic today. Seldom do we dwell on how this technology is inspired from the evolution of a personality and not just from the need gaps of the people. Whirlpool in its latest communication campaign for the Neo iChill Frost Free range of refrigerators talks about such an evolution and demonstrates how the changing personality of the woman has inspired the change in technology.

The new TVC campaign showcases beautifully how the Homemaker is in control of her house, even when she is physically away. Just like she takes care of the various moods of her family, her Neo iChill with Deep Freeze Technology sees to it that she does it in the most chilled out way.

In keeping with its passion to deliver superlative cooling performance, Whirlpool has introduced the world’s first Deep Freeze Technology which cuts cooling time by half to chill 50%* faster. Based on this product proposition Whirlpool has uniquely interpreted the insight that technology helps create presence even in its absence.

Neo ichill: The Design

NEO iCHILL has contemporary design and comes with a Strong and Stylish Handle and Integrated Electronic User Interface. The range has exciting finishes like Titanium, Wine Orchid, Blueberry, Real Steel and Graphite and 3 new finishes viz. Silver Orchid, Wine Exotica & Wine Sparkle.

Neo ichill- The Technology

Neo iChill guarantees a superior cooling performance, even in peak summers. Equipped with new DEEP FREEZE TECHNOLOGY, it ensures fastest cooling even with frequent door opening. Deep Freeze Technology provides Hi-Speed Cold Air for fastest cooling which chills up to 50%* Faster. It also ensures Full circulation of cold air; Full circulation reduces the Cold Air loss when you open the door to take out food items. Its Unique Deep Freezer with Chilling Gel collects & locks cold air to retain cooling during power cut.

Along with New & Unique Deep Freeze Technology, there are following key advanced features:

  • Tower Cooling: Uniform cooling in all shelves.
  • Flexi Cooling: Adjustable cooling in Door & Shelf
  • Quick Chill Bottle Zone: unique space for storing your beverage, It chills up to 50% faster.

Latest in Design & Technology, Neo iChill also gives Best-in-Class vegetable Storage. Its vegetable storage is biggest in segment* and comes equipped with Freshonizer. It prevents vegetables from early decay and guarantees 7 days of Garden Freshness*.

Neo ichill- Models

It is available in following capacities: 242L, 262L, 292L, 340L, 360L, 410L, 450L & 480L. The price ranges from Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 50,000/-

* As per test conducted on select models of refrigerators in our internal lab under standard testing conditions.