Spicing things Up With Chef Kunal Kapur
Spicing things Up With Chef Kunal Kapur

Cooking is love made edible. Don’t you agree?

We all dream of being great cooks – from watching unlimited food shows to reading recipes, we want our food to be the best. We want the best of appliances in our kitchen for great results. But is our kitchen cooking ready? Do you have the best recipes combined with great kitchen support to fulfill your culinary dream?

Worry not. Your kitchen dream is now in the safe hands of Chef Patron Kunal Kapur. (Yes, you heard it right!)

We are immensely delighted to have Chef Kunal Kapur on-board for Whirlpool range of premium built-in kitchen appliances. Today, contemporary kitchen designs are made for ultimate ease and comfort while meeting culinary prerequisites. In lieu of this, the eminent chef, Kunal Kapur, who is known for experimenting with ingredients and cooking styles, will be creating captivating recipes with our range of built in appliances which will include microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, hoods,  gas & induction hobs, wine coolers, coffee machines and more. Manufactured in Europe, this range is as international and contemporary as it can get.

With such a catholic range of built-in kitchen appliances, he will create new recipes and will demonstrate innovative styles of cooking to show you how satisfying and celebrating it is to work in a contemporary kitchen that integrates Whirlpool’s range of new, next-level appliances. We have a built-in range of kitchen appliances that can make your life easy and relaxed. These will fit flawlessly into your home for ultimate level of ease.

Chef Kunal Kapur is tremendously thrilled to work with us for our range of built-in kitchen appliances as he feels that cooking food can definitely become a kind of merriment in home kitchens that have extremely functional equipment, making it easy to cook with the least of fatigue. Assuredly, you will get the best out of this partnership!

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