Air Conditioners faqs

Whirlpool’s 3D Cool Technology with its unique 3 dimensional vent system sucks out hot air and provides fastest temperature pull down. Other ACs in the market have single vent and therefore are not so efficient in cooling the room so fast. Other ACs in the market have single vent and therefore are not so efficient in cooling the room so fast.

Fast Powerful Cooling
Fast Powerful Cooling as the hot air gets sucked out faster through its unique 3 dimensional air vent.
More Energy Savings
More energy savings as the compressor working time gets reduced on account of AC reaching set temperature in very less time, in comparison to single vent ACs.

Significant temperature difference with in 5 min, It cools your World in 5 minutes…faster than any other Air Conditioner.

Faster cooling in lesser time and therefore short duration of compressor ON condition results in better power saving.

The amount of hot Air sucking with 3 vents inlet is more from the room as compared to only single vent inlet. This helps in fastest temperature pull down for room.
The room cooling is a result of heat exchange happening through evaporator. In 3D Cool Technology large quantity of hot air is flows in the evaporator through the active intake system of 3 vents. Hence, the faster heat exchange and temperature pull down as a result.

Dual Fan Compressor technology boosts the performance of the compressor by keeping it cool. So, even under extreme hot conditions of 55 deg C, the compressor does not trip and cools efficiently. It also provide perfect cooling during low voltage drop of up to 195V at high ambient.

  • Fastest room Cooling
  • Cools even at 55 Deg C high ambient conditions
  • Cools perfectly even during low voltage conditions at 55 deg C
  • Whirlpool Dual Fan AC provides faster pull down than an Inverter AC
  • Whirlpool Dual Fan ACs are designed for 55 Deg C whereas Inverter AC is not.(Perfect for hot Indian conditions)
  • Whirlpool Dual Fan AC Works perfectly even during low voltage (up to 195V) conditions at 55 deg C whereas Inverter AC will not be able to perform under same conditions.
  • Whirlpool Dual Fan ACs are 5 Star rated, certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Inverter ACs don’t have any Star rating, and they are not certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency
  • The PCB replacement cost of Whirlpool Dual Fan AC is lower whereas the PCB replacement cost is significantly higher for Inverter AC. Also, the ODU PCB of an Inverter AC is not proven for hot Indian weather conditions.
  • Initial cost of ownership of a Whirlpool Dual Fan 5 Star Rated AC is low compared to an Inverter AC

During Peak summer conditions when the ambient goes to 48~50 deg C, Compressor chamber temperature reaches 53~55 inside the ODU respectively. This results in the compressor tripping issue at that condition. Hence, a Whirlpool Dual fan AC works even @55 deg C to give uninterrupted cooling.