FCB Ulka’s fresh take on freshness for Whirlpool’s new Protton World Series Frost Free refrigerator.

Whirlpool has launched a new campaign for its new Protton World Series Frost Free refrigerator with 3 door format and has the revolutionary 6th SENSE ActiveFresh Technology in the ‘Active Fresh Zone’ to keep fruits and veggies extra fresh. It’s the perfect launch vehicle for the brand’s new positioning – ‘Designed To Delight’. The product is positioned to deliver freshness but this has been covered before by multiple players from every conceivable angle. The challenge was to come up with a completely new way of looking at freshness.

The creative idea that FCB Ulka came up with was to celebrate a whole new way of enjoying freshness. While most commercials simply talk about freshness, here we create a whole new level of freshness through sound. With a catchy beat and a charming interplay between the young couple we create a brand new way of looking at it. The commercial is a celebration of all things fresh with the refrigerator at the centre of it all.

Mr. Sridhar Iyer, Sr. Vice President, FCB Ulka, said, “The Protton TVC from Whirlpool clearly establishes a new way of evaluating freshness within the category, the concept of sound of freshness stemmed from consumer observations as they go through the process of buying fresh grocery day in and day out.”

Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Group Creative Director, FCB Ulka, expressed, “Freshness has several manifestations and most of them have already been explored. The sound of freshness, sounds fresh. We might not realize it, but seek this sound of freshness every now and then in the vegetables and fruits we buy. Hence, a fertile territory never explored in the refrigerator category, but extremely relevant.”

Said Vipul Sabharwal, VP Sales and Marketing, Whirlpool of India Limited, “The Frost Free refrigerator category is an important category for Whirlpool, in which it has multiple products. We chose Protton World Series refrigerator to be the flag bearer in the TV medium because it truly embodies our new positioning ‘Designed to Delight’. It’s 3-door format is exquisitely crafted, the 6th SENSE ActiveFresh Technology with Moisture Retention and MicroBlock ensure unparalleled bacteria-free freshness, and there is a captivating range of finishes to choose from. FCB Ulka has taken each of these elements and created an advertisement that is persuasive and entrancing. We are excited by the trade and consumer response and are confident that our ambitious share objectives will be met.”

The commercial has seen an overwhelming initial response. With its vibrant imagery, charismatic cast and unforgettable sounds, people have embraced this fresh take on freshness like never before.