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Air Purifiers | The Situation Is Real, So Is The Solution

Do you know what is going to become rarer than Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in present times?
Clean air!

If you find it hard to believe, a simple Google Search about air pollution will throw up results that will make you dash to your nearest window to close it! But let us assure you, just closing the window, wearing face masks or putting up air purifying plants is not sufficient to fight the menace of air pollution.

Apart from the alarming statistics about air pollution which we get acquainted with on a daily basis, there are more reasons as to why you should opt for clean air promised to you by an air purifier.

We are sure you will agree with each one of them:

Your Children Are At A Higher Risk


We care about our children more than we care about ourselves. Though we try to protect them from all kinds of harm, nowadays it is impossible to have them breathe clean air. Younger children do not have as well an immunity as adults and are easily susceptible to harm caused by air pollution. PM 2.5, one of the most dangerous pollutants can cross the lung-blood and blood-brain barrier and damage children’s cells*. What is even more alarming is that it can easily penetrate the womb of expectant mothers who are breathing toxic air**. Childhood is the most crucial stage for a child’s mental and physical growth and what if the harm begins even before the baby is born? The choice is yours to make!

You Are A Dog/Cat Person


However much we may try to keep our sofas, bedrooms and every part of the house clean of pet dander, we cannot stop its recurrence. Also, wherever there are pets, odour, even if faint, lingers in the house. Elders or children suffering from asthma or other allergies are worst affected when pet dander is constantly present. The multi-stage purification process in Whirlpool Purafresh air purifiers makes sure that all visible and non-visible allergens are eliminated from the air. One more reason to choose them!

Indoor Air Quality Is Worse Than Outdoor Air Quality


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently carried out a research and the finding was very alarming – the air which we breathe sitting in the comfort of our homes can be 2x or 5x worse than outdoor air pollution.  Factors like inadequate ventilation, tobacco smoke and noxious gas like Radon make indoor air far more concentrated with pollutants than outdoor air.  Also, it is common knowledge that constantly breathing harmful air can become the cause for long-term illnesses. Take a step, before it is too late.

Masks And Air Purifying Plants Provide Temporary Relief


Some plants with the ability to purify air have been a rage since the stories of increased air pollution started doing rounds. Also, masks with multiple levels of filtration have seen a spike. The reality is that both these solutions can only provide temporary relief and are not pragmatic. A study has shown that houseplants, in the long run, may contaminate the air with volatile organic compounds due to micro-organisms present in the plant. Also, larger particles cannot be absorbed by plants and remain suspended in the air. As for air-masks, one can’t keep wearing them 24 X7, right?

Winter Smog, A Dangerous Mix Of Pollutants And Fog

We all know fog is harmless as it causes no damage except reducing visibility during mornings. But when fog combines with air pollution, the terrifying smog is born. Smog is a mixture of industrial pollutants like carbon monoxide, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, ozone and fog. And unlike fog, smog doesn’t innocently disappear after sunrise. It stays in the atmosphere throughout the day affecting you and your family. Some ailments caused by smog are constant coughing, asthma, bronchitis and eye- irritation. If you think, smog sounds like an inescapable invisible monster, we say you have nothing to worry about. Invest in an air purifier and smog won’t even get close to your family!

Moreover, a recent finding by the New York Times news piece*** conveyed that the smog situation in the capital was so bad in the first week of November that it could cause more harm than smoking more than two packets of cigarettes a day. Alarming, isn’t it?

It is time to protect your family’s health from the poisonous grasp of air pollution and let them breathe carefree by investing in an air purifier. As they say, safety begins at home, get an air purifier now to have morning fresh air through the day.

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