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Vegetable Mac n Cheese – Microwave Recipe

Wow, with winter around one truly craves to have something cheesy and smoking hot. So here we bring to you this easy to make “Mac n Cheese” recipe which cannot be a treat for you but would also be a great quick fix for your friends as well.

So to start with simply take some macaroni and transfer them in gourmet steam box. Add water till level 3 and salt and place it in microwave. Select microwave manual mode and let it boil at 950 watts till 7 minutes.

Now, take a microwave safe plate, transfer the boiled macaronis to it, add chopped broccoli and carrots, milk, sprinkle grated cheese, salt, chilli flakes, butter and bread crumbs to create the crunchy effect.

Place it in the microwave oven, select Oven mode, turn the knob to manual mode and let it bake at 180 degree Celsius for 8 minutes.

Now that you are delighted with the recipe, do not miss to check out this video to get the perfect hold onto this dish.

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