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This Year, Make All Your Resolutions Come True

The new year is a reason for hope and brings along the long standing tradition of making new year resolutions! While the resolutions are followed in the beginning, busy schedules and workloads soon get in the way. We are here to help! Whirlpool appliances come with the guarantee of unmatched quality and they work wonders as your trusted helping hand. Having our appliances gives you time to do what you want while the appliance does the job at hand.

This year, transform your resolutions into #DelightfulResolutions that you can make come true

Don’t let cooking stop you from following your passion

Planning your meals in advance is the key. Make weekly meal plans so that you can order all the grocery in one go and spare time from multiple visits to the store. Also, you could prepare extra food and store it in the refrigerator for days when you are really short of time. You can also wash, chop and store vegetables and sauté onions and tomato puree for the next few meals to cut down your daily cooking time. Whirlpool Intellifresh refrigerators preserve food and keep fruits and vegetables fresh for 7 days, giving you the much needed time to pursue your resolution.

And if cooking is your passion, cook up the whole book in no time!


Love cooking but have no time to indulge the chef in you? Whirlpool microwaves are here to the rescue! With over 200 auto cook menus, the options you have are endless and cooking time is halved. You can also download Culineria, our microwave recipe app with over 450 recipes covering various cuisines and meal types. You could look up the ingredients list while grocery shopping on your smart phone and get to the task with easy step by step recipes. Now delight yourself and your loved ones with your gourmet master pieces without letting time get in the way.

Put away the laundry woes, not your book


Keeping an eye on your washing machine while it does the job is old fashioned. With intelligent Whirlpool washing machines, all you need to do is choose your features wisely and let them work their charm, freeing up time for you to get to the books you have been wanting to read. Sorting and planning the laundry smartly can also save time. Fix one day a week for colored clothes and one for whites so that you don’t have to dabble between different detergents, treatments and other care procedures on the same day. You could also table work clothes in advance to opt for weekly ironing routine. Start reading that book already!

Create the best ambience for musical evenings


The guitar has been gathering dust and you really want to start using it? Give yourself more motivation by creating the perfect environment to enjoy the music. Switch on your Whirlpool air conditioner to create that cool environment for you to get started!Set the temperature to your liking and enjoy the unique 3D cool effect for faster and uniform cooling. To make things more fun, invite a group of friends once in a while to sing along or start a weekend band. If you are a beginner, check out easy step by step tutorials on YouTube or hire an instructor to expedite the learning.

Take the first step to good health


Staying fit is always on the New Year resolution list. Breathing healthy and drinking pure water is the first step in this direction. Whirlpool air purifiers and Water Purifiers help you do just that. Breathe in pure air to keep air borne diseases and allergies at bay and have better concentration power. Keep an eye on the air quality indicator. Once the air has been cleansed, you can turn off the air purifier to save power. Drink only healthy water and never fall prey to water borne diseases ever again. Whirlpool air purifiers and water purifiers are also energy efficient and would help you stay on course for your resolution to be environment friendly.

This New Year will undoubtedly be a happy one. With Whirlpool, save time and gift yourself the love

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